Hey guys! Wow, I have been busy, busy, busy. My time is taken with final projects and papers, not to mention final exams coming up! I’m SO excited for the end of the semester, you guys have NO idea. Quite a few of my cousins and friends are coming down to stay with me after finals for a week and we are going to “celebrate”, and by “celebrate”, I mean…well you know what crazy college kids do, right? :) (There WILL be pictures by the way, so get excited for that) And then right after that, I fly out to Hawaii, yes, Hawaii! (There will be even MORE pictures, so get even MORE excited)

Here is the last pic from my fashion forecasting project!

headscarf-mom’s; dress-random boutique; necklace-gifted; boots-Target


Hope you guys have a good last few weeks of school!


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