Hey guys! Sorry for my lack of posting. I have been really, really busy lately…I had 4 exams this week and a LOT of reading to do for my studies. But I promise, promise, promise that I will have some good posts this week, with some outfits! :) Anyways, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! And Happy Birthday to my sister!! She’s a Halloweenie! :P This weekend has been a lot of fun and I’m sad to see it end…Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! Here’s some Halloween fashion inspiration:

Véčko @ http://svartsvanur.blogspot.com/ as Wednesday Adams
N/a Apron from Made It, N/a Dress from Made It, Leg Avenue Stockings from Rickys NYC
Brittany W. @ http://lookbook.nu/user/76653-Brittany-W as Alice In Wonderland
Thrifted Cheddar Cheese, Bread from DIY, Butter from DIY
Jenn B. @ http://grilledcheese.tumblr.com/ as Grilled Cheese

Although I will not be going trick-or-treating tonight, I have a spooky night planned, full of scary movies and yummy treats! The first movie we are going to watch is The Nightmare Before Christmas, and it is one of my absolute favorite movies of ALL time. I’m so excited!


What are your guys’ favorite Halloween movies? :)





Bored? You should definitely try this. Answer the following questions by posting the first image that comes up when you google image your answer. Got this idea from Lena over at Quality Rivets! Here goes:

1. Your age on your next birthday?

2. Your favorite color?

baby pink

3. Your middle name?


4. Last meal you ate?

Fettuccine Alfredo

5. Your bad habit?


6. Your favorite fruit/veggie?


7. Your favorite animal?


8. The town you live in?

Statesboro, GA

9. The most useful thing in your house?

dishwasher ( I HATE washing dishes)

10. The name of your pet?


11. Your most recent purchase?

license plate (new car, wahoo!!)


12. Something that makes you happy?

going to Michigan

13. Your first name?


14. Your last name?



You guys should try it too!! :)





I am so excited because I am getting a car! Ever since I got my license, I have been wishing to have a car of my own…finally it’s happening! This weekend my boyfriend and I get to fly up to Michigan to stay with my grandparents for the weekend and we are going to drive the car back down. I LOVE Michigan,and I miss living there and spending time with my family so much ever since my family and I moved down south. I’m fortunate to be able to visit them as much as I have. I’m really really excited to spend the weekend up in my favorite place in the world, my grandparents house! :)

Anyways, what do you guys think of this look? I’m ready for scarves and jackets and cold weather. :)


earrings-Kohl’s; scarf-Rue21; tank-Rue21; jacket-Target; jeans-Levi’s; wedges-Charlotte Russe



So I’m thinking of dying my hair in the ombre fashion with a copper reddish-brownish color….do you guys think that would look good on me? I really want to try it out. I keep seeing it everywhere! Well, my roommates are whining at me to play old-school Nintendo with them, so I’m out! Until next time, love. :)




Just click on the pics to view the original product page! :)
Image 1 of ASOS Hooded Military Cape

ASOS Hooded Military Cape $117.95

Image 1 of Vila Faux Shearling Biker Jacket With Zip Pocket Detail

Vila Faux Shearling Biker Jacket $117.95Image 1 of ASOS ADORE Leather and Shearling Buckle High Ankle BootASOS ADORE Leather and Shearling Buckle High Ankle Boot $143.23

Image 1 of ASOS Pattern Wrap Blanket Cardigan

ASOS Pattern Wrap Blanket Cardigan $70.77

Image 4 of One Teaspoon Cuffed Leather Shorts

One Teaspoon Cuffed Leather Shorts $404.40

Image 1 of Free People Dipped Hem Chunky Cable Knit Sweater

Free People Dipped Hem Chunky Cable Knit Sweater $114.58

Image 1 of ASOS Lace And Georgette Ruffle Front Blouse

ASOS Lace and Georgette Ruffle Front Blouse $53.92

Image 1 of Warehouse Ruffle Tunic

Warehouse Ruffle Tunic $75.83


Funky, Fondled, and Fresh.

About two weeks ago, I opened up my e-mail to find that I had won Keiko Lynn's giveaway to pick any dress from her sponsor, Funky Fondled and Fresh! The owner of the etsy store, Anelia, has some great vintage pieces she is selling for great prices and I was so glad to be able to pick something from her store! When I contacted her, she was so nice and she sent the package out right away. I would definitely recommend at least taking a look at her store because you might find your very own vintage treasure! :)

dress-Funky Fondled and Fresh Vintage; belt-vintage 80's from my mom; earrings-from a boutique in Hawaii; shoes-Qupid from GoJane.com

Thanks for all the sweet comments so far! :)


Autumn Inspiration.

from my archive-I don't have the source, if anyone does, please correct me

Nicolette @ thescentofobsession.blogspot.com

Tieka @ selectivepotential.blogspot.com

Chloe @ betises-de-style.blogspot.com


from my archives-I don't have the source, if anyone does please correct me

Here's some inspiration for fall! I loved all these outfits! Some great color palettes! If you want some more inspiration, I would check out selectivepotential.blogspot.com, Tieka has some really great Autumn outfits that you may want to see! :) I'm missing the fall season down here, but I get to go up north soon, so I'm excited!!!!


Fall, you are my favorite season.

I absolutely love Fall, but you don't get much of a fall season in Georgia unfortunately. I went home over the weekend and got my crappy camera back so now I can actually take pictures and document my outfits, yay! I'm hoping to get a new decent camera for Christmas, so we'll see how that goes. ;)
Today was a beautiful day, but way too hot for fall! I was glad when it cooled off a little bit in the afternoon though.

sunglasses-F21; blazer-Charlotte Russe; top-random brand; shorts-American Eagle Outfitters; socks-Charlotte Russe; boots-random brand

I like this outfit because it's simple and comfortable. My biggest problem with getting dressed up everyday is that I am not a morning person, but now that I have my camera back, I have motivation to get dressed up. I'm making a pact with myself to look nice everyday for the rest of the semester, and if I keep the pact I will allow myself to get something off my wishlist. (Don't worry, I won't cheat, I have my boyfriend keeping tabs on me!) =) I think we should all make that pact together. As Alexander Wang said, "Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing!"

Love that quote.